• techbot says:

    did it for my self found it easy made a bril website thanks

  • Joseph W says:

    cool tutorial !

  • Most people don’t do all of this themselves because they don’t know the tiny bit of technical know-how that you need.
    It’s alot easier to just follow a video tutorial so you can just click here, click there etc.
    Goto my website for a free 5 part video tutorial on how to make a website from scratch. http://www.drefficiency.com. It’s really alot easier than you think.

  • swapnil says:

    MY EXAMS GOING ON HERE so i cnt watch allthe episode

    bt see u guyzz soon

  • Anas says:

    Great Job
    I saw all the videos series , and this is the best , ur a perfect programmer
    am a programmer too
    I hope to see more videos on PHP

  • owen says:

    html, css and javascript are a doddle, i get on perfectly with them but its the php and the MySql
    that really makes my brain hurt :(

  • lemekani91 says:

    hy gidafide and guys plz email me the coding..

  • orestesdd says:

    where can I find the other website basics tutorials? I am only able to see 5 and 6. thanks.