Partner Project 2: What’s your idea?

In part two of this series, find out how to research your idea to find out how to make it better. Also learn some tools that will help you find your niche and organize your data. For discussions and help with your project, please visit:

6 thoughts on “Partner Project 2: What’s your idea?

  1. Matt Potter says:

    very informative video, i wrote down what i wanted to do on a piece of paper yesterday, it was just now when i watch this partner project. I guess im on the right track, Thanks very much.

  2. Abdelaziz says:

    hi everyone I’m actually preparing to make my on website,
    I really like your work in the partner project it was a good help for me to start my own web site as a web developer for 4 year now I found my self withe a little experience that I could share withe the world :) but some times with my lase way and the work pressure I can’t just find the right organization of my time for this. And you know the time needed by the website :(
    I will try, and try until I touch my goal
    so thinks for the help :)

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