• Don Mos says:

    Thanks buddy, really good stuff..

  • Amit Kumar says:

    Nice… Great Work

  • manking says:

    thank you very much i look this as great help . thanks:)))))

  • gagan says:

    nice .

  • cadayona says:

    I can understand..

  • b rabbit says:

    this site is awesome now can u help me hog all internet traffic in public places will just love that

  • Peter says:

    Download Ultra Surf (my favorite free proxy)!!!

  • rajesh says:

    u r web site is very useful, great work keep it up

  • DD says:

    try this for anonymous surfing

  • Yzumi says:

    You’re the best!

  • anup says:

    if we want to watch internet tv in windows media center outside us, how can we do that? internet tv got downloaded in my pc, bt when i try to play videos, it says this service is not available in ur country… hELP me…

  • anup says:

    and is there any way to use anonymous proxy in smart phones???

  • lars says:

    so one question if i am under a proxie and go to say the pirate bay

    and download something is there a chance of getting caught

    because be brother was on a proxie downloaded a movie and we got a email

    from are internet suppler saying to stop downloading illegal things and named the movie

    and said to delete it is this because of a mix up

    also do you haft to go on a proxie every time you start up your web browser or just once?

    please reply to lordexies@gmail.com

  • soni says:

    thnx nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randee says:

    Awesome video thank you so much! I was wondering if you could make a video on how to use proxies to get around things such as WebSense… They have this program at my work and it keeps me from going to facebook and youtube and netflix or any other audio/video streaming web site. Please Help Me…?

  • raman says:

    please help here
    i m using wifi connection in a college than how can i access the website by hiding my url and ipfrom the spysoftware who r watching the url used by student…………………and block the ip when they got any searching content like hacking etc

  • i intrested in heaking
    my mobile number is-9879237603

  • Pinto says:

    Is anyone else having trouble viewing the video?

  • Cabs123 says:

    I can’t view the video…can you please fix it or provide a link to Youtube?

  • Amjad says:

    Hi im based in Dubai and we have a fire wall that blocks all sites with words such as the site you have mentioned below cos it has the words ass in it, and with many words such as mature sex, ass , war, galleries and so on. Help me bypass these please. Im not a cpmu geek so i need a real simple guide details, thaks

    Proxify – http://proxify.com (Blocked)

    HideMyAss – http://hidemyass.com (Blocked)

  • alfian says:

    how to hack university server…:??

  • alfian says:

    how to hacking university server?

  • staybrutalmatt says:

    I taught everyone in my school about proxies to pass the school firewall.
    After that, I went straight to the computer man at our school, and gave him all of the same websites, and he blocked all of them.

    But my laptop creates its own WiFi tunnel, so I’m still able to get through.

  • Adam says:

    Yup, proxies are nice to have since the US gov is starting to take a BIG BROTHER “I say what you can or cannot do approach for the US members”Very Nice! Thank you

  • harry says:

    yes. it is nice to use to use while online. but it is not safe when you hack. it does not hide your ip address.