• Andrew says:

    lol awsome! Love you!

  • That’s actually quite freaky. I wonder if commercials will start advertising this and create a buzz among it’s viewers.

  • Jonathan says:

    i like the way yu do you tutorials and pls software did yu use for that

  • bhingz19 says:

    Youre such a good!! hacker person.. Hope I will meet you in future.. Cause I want also the way you do!!.. Im from Phil.. Youre new fans!! LOL

  • Siu Keung says:

    could come in handy

  • Graham says:

    I found a program that works better than coagula, it’s called AudioPaint, you can find it here:
    Just Make Sure That, In The Audio Settings, You Set Interpolation & Scale To Linear.
    Also (If The Picture Is Gray-Scale) Set The Left Channel To Brightness, And The Right Channel To None.

  • mike says:

    so cool and love this site