• mary vei donque says:


  • meysam says:

    when i open http://www.kwiry.com
    show me : Server not found
    this website is exist?

  • sonu says:

    when i open
    show me Server not found

  • Muhammad says:

    when i open
    serve not found . so i did not make a ”kwiry” account .
    please sir help me

  • gtikul says:

    wasting our time. uselesssss!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben says:

    Well, this used to work. I don’t know why kwirky.com isn’t loading… – ~ -

  • foobar says:

    This is a GREAT video!
    I wont be using SMS, but E-Mails directly.
    First thing I want to try out is the activation of the alarm system by my server (in case I forget it on a spontaneous trip).
    or turning off the heaters in the same scenario.
    or controlling some x10 stuff. So much potential :-D

  • Brian Caldwell says:

    Hey somebody stole my computer and I’m try see how can I track it down. If can you email back at bcaldwell27ymail.com

  • mani says:

    server not found . so i did not make a ”kwiry” account .
    please sir rectify it otherwise it is waste

    • admin says:

      it has been rectified in a later video. if you can’t figure out how to do this without kwiry, then you are a waste, not this video.

  • fazi110 says:

    tell me z it posible to shut dwn if outlook windws z closed?

  • Kevin says:

    this video is old…

  • Manzoor Hussain says:

    I think it is stupid-able work.
    How is it possible? If possible so explain us…. why http://www.kwiry.com is not opening on net.

  • sudhakar says:

    yup guys..
    kwiry.com stopped their service…

  • Aparaj Sharma says:

    SMS wasn’t delivered. I used all the network viz. BSNL, Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Reliance, Vodafone etc. but msg didnt go.

  • jahanzaibnaz says:

    sorry but http://www.kwiry.com is not opening..so now tell me what i can do..plz tell me..i want this most

  • kk says:

    do u have any other site like kwriy

  • miller owusu says:

    i like u gur

  • miller owusu says:


  • miller owusu says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmOOOOOOOOOOOMYYYYYY GOD

  • miller owusu says:

    whan u love some ome

  • mbbs says:

    Awsome i like very much . thanks master

  • durgesh lokre says:

    shutdown your computer with cell phone

  • BoXeR says:

    The no 59479 , i can not send the msg by this no.It replies me msg sending failed,